rock you是什么意思

Catch you later是什么意思?

2. Catch you later是什么意思? 我们应该这样学: 1. Okay.I got you. When we say :Catch you later, we mean:See you later.We mean:Good by


You're impossible是什么意思?

So,you say:You are impossible = You are a difficult person to deal with. 2. If you continuously argue with someone about


老外对你说“you rock”,是啥意思呢?

不知道大家对you rock这个表达有没有什么印象呢?你知道这是什么意思吗?都知道rock有“岩石、摇滚”等意思,you rock呢,你摇滚吧?感觉怪怪的,不知道没事,我们先...


美国人说you rock啥意思?

I could give you one or two. 接客:有啊 我打印了好些 可以给你几份 Tracy: Really? Oh man,you rock. I appreciate it. 翠西:是吗 你太棒了兄弟 万...


you loser是什么意思?

You called me a loser? 你管我叫失败者?. You are never a loser If you keep trying.只要你不断努力,你就永远不算失败。 You let me down again, you..